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QSR Consultant

Global Solutions for your Restaurant Franchise

Benefit from our extensive experience acquired in some of the

world largest restaurant franchise networks!

QSR Consultant has developed an extensive range of consulting services

to help you grow your business.

Our Services

Large, Medium or Small, we have the solution you're looking for!


Looking to franchise your brand?

We help you replicate your initial success!

You might have heard many things about franchising but when well used and understood it has insured the success of many entrepreneurs.

We will tell you how to properly structure your franchise and get the best possible mutual benefits for the franchisor and the franchisees.

Thinking about going international?

We have developed a specific methodology!

Deciding to go international is a major decision for any brand and should be treated as such!

We'll help you identify where to go first, how to set ambitious but realsitic goals and create a succesful developement strategy.

Looking for ways to optimize your restaurant?

Find out how to increase sales and profitability

Owning a restaurant but not making profit, or just looking at ways to increase sales?

Thanks to the proven technics that we are using, we'll make you benefit from our extensive experience to clearly identify issues and solve them.

Dark Kitchens

Big changes are coming!

The rise of home delivery is having a huge impact on the Food Service industry and so called Dark Kitchens and Delivery Only restaurants are some of the key elements of those changes!

According to a recent report from UBS the home delivery market will grow from US$32 Billions to aproximately US$360 Billions on the next 10 years! That's a CGR of 20% per year.

Are you ready for it?

Talking Business

Looking for a Master Franchise?

Now is the time!

We deal with a large portfolio of international brands, some small and others not so small, all looking for investors to enter new countries and markets.

We're looking for investors and Master Franchisees in many different countries with a special focus on Europe, Middle East and Africa.

The Team

Passion for the Food Service and a lot of enthusiasm for what we do for our clients

QSR Consultant works with a team of independant senior consultants highly skilled in their respective area of expertise.



Founder & Senior Franchise Consultant

With over 30 years of experience in Franchising and Food Service, Thierry has worked at top levele positions for some of the largest restaurant franchise networks such as Subway®, McDonald's®, Burger King®, Quick®, etc.

He has also been a Subway® and Dunkin'Donuts® multi-unit owner and currently owns the exclusive rights for French brand Le Kiosque à Pizzas® for Spain and Portugal.

Thierry is also a "Franchise Expert" and regular speaker for the US Departement of Commerce thru the Commercial Law Development Program.

He founded QSR Consultant® in 2012 to offer his broad experience to franchisors of all sizes and since then has worked on projects from London to Dubai and Istanbul to Budapest.

Thierry has traveled for business to over 60 countries on the 5 continents and is fluent in French, English and Spanish.


In process or delivered

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Preparing for Franchising

Because you can't franchise an idea!

We have helped varoius brands from their initial stage with just 1 or 2 units creating eveything they needed to start growing as a Franchise business.:

  • Defining business model

  • Checking concept can be franchised

  • Establishing development strategy

  • Creating Operations Manuals

  • Preparing legal documents (contracts, diclosure documents, development agreements, etc.)

  • Etc.

International Expansion

Proprietary Methodology

We have developed and implemented international development strategies for various clients in many different countries allowing them to define:

  • Where to go first

  • How to set clear goals

  • What structure to put in place

  • What business model to use

  • How to solve Supply Chain issues

  • etc.

doing work together
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Becauce there's always something to learn!

You might have heard many different things about franchising and sometimes even people that have been in the business for a long time cannot define what makes a business a franchise!

We give speeches around the general principles of Franchising:

  • Where does it come from?

  • What is it for?

  • How does it work?

As regular speaker for the US Department of Commerce through the Commercial Law Development Program we have helped investors, bankers and governement officials to get a better understanding of Franchsing.

Our References

Below are some of the brands we've had the pleasure to either


work for, advised, owned as Franchisee or Master Franchisee or act for as a Franchise Broker.



Bagel Corner

Pizza Hut


Absurd Bird



Le Kiosque à Pizzzas



Dunkin' Donuts

Dairy Queen

Burger King

Brioche Dorée


Steak'n Shake



OUP's Café


Guide de la Franchise

en Tunisie

Introduction by Thierry Rousset
Diciembre 2018

Néo Restauration


November 2014

Néo Restauration


September 2010

Franchise & Business


July 2010



Some of the businesses we're partnering with


World Franchise Associates

L'École Supérieure de la Franchise

La planificación del espacio

Franchise Growth & Development

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